Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020: Release Date, Price, Specs & News


Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020: Release Date, Price, Specs & News! Here we come with one of the biggest surprises of this year. What is this? Okay, Guys, we are talking about one of the most stylish phones from Samsung named Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020. This a phone which includes all the luxuries things you might want. If you have a limited budget for buying this phone then that’s completely okay. Because you don’t have to pay that much for buying this. So here we explain every single specs of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 is almost there for you. You are going to get this phone within this June, 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 Specs

Nowadays if anything matters the most to any individual then that’s the network technology capacity of their phone. That’s quite rational also. A phone without a good network technology is something like a useless thing. So that’s why this phone includes the latest one. Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 Includes GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE / 5G. To be very honest, you won’t get this kind of network technology in any other phones.

Most important thing is, if you have the habit of using two Nano-SIM, then you are quite perfect for this phone. Because this phone includes two Nano SIM using facilities.

This phone offers Active noise cancellation with dedicated Mic for you. Because of this, whenever you will hear music or whenever you will watch a movie you will love the experience. Another thing is, you will get a 3.5 mm Audio Jack for you.

Let’s talk about another special fact. This phone actually remains okay, if you drop your phone inside water. That doesn’t mean you are allowed to drop the phone under water. But if somehow your phone drops under water then it’s okay. Because it will remain fine less than 2M deep water for almost 2 hours long. Surely this advantage will allow you to enjoy a lot with your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen: Battery, Camera, Memory & Operating System

Now we would like share some details about the most important part of this phone. What’s this? Yes, we are talking about the battery. This phone includes Li-Polymer 6100mAh Non-removable battery for you. The battery will give you a very long time service. Another thing is, you will be able to recharge it within a very short period of time.

Now let’s say something about the camera. To be very honest, the camera of this phone is something out of the box. It’s really rare to find this kind of camera in a very average amount of budget. But you are getting this just because Samsung is lunching Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 in the market. The camera offers Rear Triple (36 MP + 24 MP + 13 MP Camera) on the back side. On the front side you will get 42 MP front camera.  So surely you will enjoy clicking pictures through it.

Finally its time to talk about the memory and the operating system. This phone includes 8/10 GB RAM and 128/256/512 GB ROM for you. The versatility of the size will allow you to choose anything you want.  Most importantly Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 includes Android 10 operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 Price

Price of Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2020 will start from $670 ~ €550 ~ Rs. 42900.


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