Nokia 9.1 Max Xtreme 2021: Release Date, Price, Specs & News


Nokia 9.1 Max Xtreme 2021: Release Date, Price, Specs & News! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to talk about a very new phone from the Nokia family. What it is? Okay, let’s make you wait a bit for knowing the exact thing. If you are really want to know about all the details of this new phone then you have to read the entire article. So at the very beginning, we will start with the release date.

Nokia 9.1 Max Xtreme 2021 Release Date

Nokia 9.1 Max Xtreme

To be very exact, we don’t know that much about the release date. But most probably, we repeat, most probably Nokia 9.1 Max Xtreme 2021 will be released between March- June 2021.

Nokia 9.1 Max Xtreme 2021 specs

So finally it’s time for the specs. We would like to start with the display as that’s the thing that catches the eye most. So this phone owns a 6.5-inch IPS LCD with a 4K resolution display it. Trust us, this huge size display will ensure a great experience. That’s not the end by the way. The special display will be protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 7 protection.

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No matter what your age is, surely you will be very caring about the battery of your phone. So Nokia 9.1 Max Xtreme includes a 7000mAh battery for you. Surely this huge battery will make your experience more long-lasting. Most importantly, the battery actually gets recharged in a very short period of time. Even you don’t have to collect wires to charge it. Why? That’s because this phone has the facility of wireless charging. So if you love to play games, then surely you will be able to play these for a very long period of time.

You may have a different choice, but in one issue we all are the same. That is, we all actually love to keep our memories alive. That’s why the camera is really important. Nowadays, the original camera is found rarely. A camera with phones is taking that place. That’s why this phone includes 64MP primary lens + 16MP wide sensor + 12MP lens + 8MP ultra-wide lens + 2MP depth sensor back camera. You might be thinking about the front camera. So this phone includes a single 42MP front camera.

Nokia 9.1 Max Xtreme: Memory, Processor, Operating System & Network Technology

This phone RAM is actually a big surprise. That’s because you will get 8GB/ 10GB/ 12GB of RAM along with the phone. So know your demand and then pick any of the RAM. Later we would like to talk about the ROM. It’s an actual big box. You will be able to pick your ROM from three different choices. This phone includes 128GB/ 256GB/ 512GB ROM inside of it.

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What about the processor? It’s really updated. That’s because you are going to get Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chipset as the processor of this phone.

As nowadays we are using too many apps that’s why using an updated operating system is really important. That’s why this phone offers an Android 11 operating system. No matter what, you will be able to use any of the apps of your choice.

Lastly, we would like to talk about network technology. This phone includes SM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE / 5G network technology for you. So surely you will get the network every single moment.

Nokia 9.1 Max Xtreme 2021 Price:

The Nokia Upcoming smartphone 9,1 Max Xtreme price will be around $800 ~ Rs. 56, 647.


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