Nokia Maze Monster 2020: Price, Specs, Release Date & News


Nokia Maze Monster 2020: Price, Specs, Release Date & News! What’s up-spec lovers? Hope you have enough time to do some chit chat, right? Most probably the answer is yes. So check your phone, please. What are you getting on this phone? Don’t you want some specs on your phone? Obviously you do. Just to meet your needs Nokia is going to bring a very new phone named ‘Nokia Maze Monster’. Trust us, you will be loving this phone.

Nokia Maze Monster 2020 Release Date

This phone will be released within the mid of 2020. That means you will be getting this phone in a very short period of time. The expected release date of Nokia upcoming flagship Maze Monster is 17th August 2020.

Nokia Maze Monster 2020

Nokia Maze Monster 2020 Specs

Do you have a habit of going here and there? Okay, that’s quite fine if you have a very strong network covering phone. Trust us, this phone is just more than perfect for you. Because this phone includes GSM / HSPA / LTE / 5G network technology for you.  No matter what, you will be getting a serious type of service from this phone.

This phone includes dual SIM facility. That means you will be allowed to use two SIM’s at a time. Surely that is a great thing for the ones who do multitasking and used to be busy in contacting several persons.

This phone includes 6.5 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display for you. The display is designed in a way that, it will satisfy your thirst for sure. Another thing is, you won’t have any opportunity to do a single complain about the display because it’s designed by the most talented designers.

The operating system of this phone is Android 10. This operating system will help you a lot to bring out what you expected. No matter what, that’s a great opportunity for sure. Hopefully, you will love it.

On the other hand, this phone also added  8GB and 10GB RAM. Which is very special for a smartphone lover. The ROM of this phone big enough. Once you will buy this phone you will get 128 GB, 256 GB ROM inside this phone. That means you will get the opportunity to choose among the three things. Surely that’s something special.

Nokia Maze Monster 2020: Camera, Connectivity & Battery Info

The camera is something special about this. Trust us, every single shot through this phone will give an experience of a DSLR camera. No matter how amateur you are, you will love the experience. This phone includes Quad 42 MP + 24 MP + 12 MP + 5 MP Cameras and Dual 32 MP + 13 MP Camera inside of it. That means your memories are going to be kept in a very good manner.

This audio system of this phone includes Vibration, MP3, and WAV Ringtones. So when you will hear something through this phone you will love the experience. You will also get Loudspeaker along with the phone. That means you will enjoy hearing songs here.

What about the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth? Don’t be conscious please. Because this phone includes all these facility for you.  That means you will be suing Wi-Fi through this phone. Most importantly you will have the opportunity to transfer data through this phone.

In the very end, we would like to talk about the battery. This kind of phones actually demand a great support from the battery. If the battery doesn’t provide a good service, this type of phone is totally useless. Nokia also knows it quite perfectly. That’s why this phone includes 7000mAh Battery inside of it.

Nokia Maze Monster 2020 Price

The price of the Nokia Maze Monster will be approximately 620$.


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